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Boarding School Today !

In some countries (like America), being sent off to boarding school is used as a threat or a punishment, yes? Well, here in Australia, boarding school is common place. Not everyone goes to a boarding school but it’s not too weird if someone does. Well, I was sent off for a year - only to try it out and see if i like it. I don’t. I mean it’s hard to always live in the same place as your teachers and your…well, school! So, long story short, i’ve been begging my parents not to send me back for the whole year. (To give you some perspective, it’s approaching the last term of the year, halfway through the last semester.) I still, hate the place! I need my freedom and independece! Instead i’m surrounded 24/7 by someone! Independence? I have none here! Everything is so structured! I get no weekends. I can’t cycle, I can’t ski, I can’t surf. :\ Anyways, what i’m trying to say is, i’ll be away for a while ! I’ll be back in 8/9 weeks time ! ;| These will be my last Peter Sagan pictures for a while .. enjoy !


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